Casey Powell, PA Bicoastal Cosmetic Injector • Aesthetic Medicine
Santa Monica • Atlanta

Casey is not your average injector. For more than thirteen years she has developed her now highly sought after injection technique. She is unconventional. She’ll cut straight to it and let her work speak for itself. She loves what she does and you will, too.

Casey received her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University in 2003 and her graduate degree from the Physician Assistant Program of Weill Cornell Medical School of Cornell University in 2007. She has previously specialized in general, cosmetic and surgical dermatology and also received focused training in reconstructive plastic surgery in New York and Atlanta before beginning her career in Los Angeles in 2015.

Casey has honed her aesthetic judgment through years of experience in the field of injectable neurotoxins, fillers and skincare. She has a proven track record of giving patients tighter, more youthful appearing and healthier skin. She is a member of the American Association of Physician Assistants and The American Association for Surgical Physician Assistants. Casey is committed to helping patients achieve optimal enhancement of their own unique beauty as well as facilitating a graceful and natural aging process.

Marianne Barnett, Patient Coordinator • Aesthetic Apprentice

Marianne has her BS in Chemistry and has maintained her Certification as an Aesthetic Medical Assistant for over 10 years. She grew up in South Africa and worked in Chemical Engineering and Biosciences here and in Europe for many years before focusing on the medical industry in the United States. She has lived in Georgia for over 20 years and got her start in the aesthetic industry in 2009 when she worked as Casey’s medical assistant in Atlanta. Marianne developed an astute and artful eye working alongside Casey and has since helped many of Atlanta’s top injectors, dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons hone their treatment protocols and techniques. She loves medical education and attends many of the industry’s top conferences. Marianne is constantly training to stay current on new procedures in aesthetic medicine. She is known among Casey’s clientele to have an unparalleled knowledge of the science behind her procedures and skincare. She has an eye for symmetry and natural enhancement and a bedside manner that is professional, positive and kind. Marianne enjoys cycling, hiking, spending time with her children, shows, restaurants around Atlanta, and traveling.